Welcome to this exciting topic ‘ Comparing Top Weight Loss Strategies for Women over 50’. The more I write about weight loss, the more I realize how many strategies promise success but ultimately leave us feeling defeated.

Losing weight is tough, but keeping it off seems a far reached goal.

That's why I've researched several weight loss methods that have positive reviews and outcomes and these strategies prioritize more than just healthy eating - they take you as a whole person into account.

It's not just about what you eat when you eat, or how much you eat; it's more complex but achievable.

It's about taking a good look at yourself - your stress levels, sleep patterns, busy schedule, physical activity, and self-image.

The top weight loss strategies aren't about quick fixes; they're about sustainable, long-term success.


But here's the thing—this blog is for women like you who are desperately trying to lose weight. I've gathered the best strategies below, but I'm open to hearing your story.

If you've found a sustainable, healthy way to lose weight that differs from what I've discussed here, please share it in the comments. Your real-life experiences could be just what someone else needs to hear.

Let's support each other on this tough journey towards better health and weight loss.

Graphic of a pink piggy - money box

I want to bring up something important about the costs of these programs.

While my personal view might not be the focus here, I think it's worth noting that some of these weight loss programs may come with a price tag if you decide to participate.

Here's my take on the costs.

If a weight loss strategy truly helps you keep the weight off in a sustainable way, then it makes sense that there could be a cost involved.

Think of it this way: people spend time and effort studying to gain valuable knowledge, and that knowledge is valuable when they help you. So, if you seek their expertise and guidance, it's reasonable to expect there might be a cost.

How much is it worth to invest in your improved health? Paying upfront for services like this can be daunting, especially if you're unsure if the program will be effective for you.

If you're evaluating the cost of one of the strategies below, it can be helpful to compare this with the cost of consulting a nutritionist or freelance dietitian.

If a doctor refers you to a dietitian or nutritionist through the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, the consultation and treatment are typically free of charge.

However, if you choose to see a dietitian or nutritionist privately, outside of the NHS, you will need to pay for the consultation and any associated services or treatments.

In the UK, the cost of seeing a nutritionist can range from £50 to £175 per hour, which may be quite steep for some individuals. The cost of consulting a freelance dietitian is likely to be higher than that of a nutritionist.

Dietician looking over a table filled with vegetables

Understanding the distinction between a nutritionist and a dietitian is important.

Dietitians are regulated by professional bodies and typically need to be licensed or certified in specific regions, whereas nutritionists may lack the same level of regulatory oversight.

When considering the costs, it's essential to weigh the value of the services provided against what you're willing and able to invest in your health journey. Below, I'll provide some credentials for the individuals mentioned.

Now, let's explore these top weight loss strategies that could be the key to your success.


Dr Rangan Chatterjee Credentials

  • British physician, author, television presenter and podcaster 
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Immunology
  • Bachelor of Science, Immunology
  • Member of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners

Feel Great, Lose Weight - Core Principles and Methodology

Dr Rangan Chatterjee's weight loss strategy focuses on treating the whole person, not just specific parts.

He believes that there isn't a one-size-fits-all diet and emphasizes the importance of choosing a sustainable eating approach with whole, unprocessed foods.

One of the challenges he addresses is our body's resistance to weight loss, known as the "setting point".

Dr Chatterjee explores how our hunger signals and natural body weight can make it difficult to lose weight and maintain it. He advises how you can tune into these signals to manage your weight.

Stress management is a key part of Dr. Chatterjee's approach.

 He explains that stress can hinder weight loss and suggests techniques, such as journaling about emotions daily, to identify and manage stress effectively.

Woman in nature, spreading out her arms

Dr Chatterjee encourages self-discovery, urging us to understand our relationship with food and make necessary changes. By identifying what influences our eating habits, we can work towards lasting weight loss.


One strategy he recommends for weight management is time-restricted eating, which involves limiting the hours during which you consume food.

While Dr Chatterjee provides tools for success, he emphasizes that we are ultimately responsible for our change.

This includes mental preparation, prioritizing sleep, making mindful food choices during stress, and incorporating daily activities like weightlifting and socializing.

In summary, Dr Chatterjee's approach offers practical strategies to achieve sustainable weight loss. By getting to the bottom of why weight creeps up and encouraging long-term lifestyle shifts, it inspires readers to take charge and create lasting changes. Putting these strategies into practice makes it one of the top weight loss approaches.

Pros and Cons

  • This information takes a holistic approach, addressing the whole person rather than just focusing on weight. It provides a comprehensive explanation of why weight loss can be challenging and offers effective strategies to overcome these obstacles.
  •  This approach does not require food tracking.
  • The main drawback of Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast is the time commitment required; the podcast runs for about 4.5 hours, and you'll need to listen to the whole thing to fully understand the concepts.
  • The approach focuses on a combination of lifestyle changes, it requires listeners to actively integrate and apply these strategies themselves. This might be straightforward and effective for some, but others may find it less direct and challenging to implement.
My View

Personally, I thought it might be boring and too detailed, but I quickly found it fascinating and wanted to hear more. There's so much valuable information that listening to it multiple times will be helpful. 

Success Stories and Evidence

Dr Rangan Chatterjee has over a million followers on Instagram and over 330.000 followers on Facebook.

His influence is evident through his podcasts, where he shares numerous compelling case studies, and his YouTube channel, which boasts a substantial following of over 1 million subscribers. 

Moreover, his book 'feel great, lose weight' has received exceptional feedback, with an impressive 75% of Amazon reviewers awarding it a 5-star rating.

While a minority have expressed reservations about the simplicity of his advice in books or podcasts, these criticisms came from only a small number of reviewers.


Spotify: Access the 4.5-hour podcast for free if you are a Spotify member. 

Spotify allows users to listen to podcasts for free - just create a free account. However, if you want to download episodes for offline listening, you'll need a Premium account.

Book: "Feel Great, Lose Weight" available on Amazon for approximately £12.95.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee Online Course: A Blueprint for Healthy Living: Master the fundamental habits of a healthy life with the bestselling author, renowned podcaster, and doctor. 24 lessons available for a one-time payment of £79 (correct as of April 2024).


Dr Michael Mosley Credentials

  • British television journalist, producer and presenter
  • Medical doctor with a degree in medicine from the Royal Free Hospital Medical School in London
  • Best-selling author of several books on health
  • On Research and Advocacy: Dr Michael Mosley is known for his research and advocacy in the areas of intermittent fasting, low-carb diets, and metabolic health

Just One Thing / Fast 800 / The Fast Diet 5:2 - Core Principles and Methodology

"Just One Thing" is a popular Spotify podcast where Dr Michael Mosley shares actionable tips to improve your health, well-being, and weight loss.

Unlike focusing on just one magic solution for weight loss (haha - good punch line), Dr Mosley emphasizes the importance of combining various healthy choices to achieve weight loss.

There isn't a single best weight loss strategy; rather, it's about making a series of healthy choices that work for you and can be sustained over time.

Dr Mosley explores a range of topics, including intermittent fasting, strength training, gut health, social connection, prioritizing sleep, and time-restricted eating (having a long gap between your last meal in the evening and the first meal in the morning).

The key is to find a combination of choices that suit your lifestyle and contribute to weight loss while prioritizing overall health over appearance.

By listening to his podcasts on Spotify and implementing ideas that align with your lifestyle, you're likely to see positive changes in weight and overall health.

Graphic, hand who refuses unhealthy foods and thumbs up for healthy foods

Dr Mosley's goal is to inform and empower listeners by discussing case studies and explaining how food choices, exercise, and lifestyle impact health and weight management.

He is the author of two influential books, "the fast 800" and the "Fast Diet 5:2". "The fast 800" promotes a low-carb, Mediterranean-style diet limited to 800 calories for initial weeks and supports rapid weight loss.

This approach also emphasizes the importance of 'time-restricted eating'. However, due to its calorie-restrictive nature, it may not be suitable for everyone.

The "5:2" diet involves normal eating for five days and significant calorie reduction for two days a week, promoting quick weight loss.

Dr Mosley himself lost about 20 pounds (9 kilograms) following these methods, which helped reverse his type 2 diabetes and significantly improve his health outcomes.

Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to listen to his podcasts of ’ Just One Thing’ while on a walk. Most of his podcasts are short in time, so you get useful information in a short space and these hunks of information can be digested quite easily.
  • The book 'The Fast 800' describes a method endorsed by the NHS for rapid weight loss and achieving remission from type 2 diabetes.
  • With 'The Fast Diet 5:2' book, if you follow the diet as recommended, you will lose weight.
  • Dr Mosley's approach involves listening to the podcast and combining various strategies on your own, which requires discipline and proactive action.
  • There isn’t a straightforward step-by-step guide provided. While this method may suit some, it might not be effective for everyone.
  • Regarding the book 'The Fast Diet: 5:2,' it demands a high level of discipline, especially at the beginning when feelings of hunger can make it challenging to adhere to the diet without support.
My View

I enjoy listening to Dr Michael Mosley's podcasts because his advice is clear, logical, and quite easy to incorporate into daily life. He is a very positive person with a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Success Stories and Evidence

Dr Michael Mosley has more than 80.000 followers on Instagram and more than 63.000 on Facebook. His books include case studies and success stories.

The book ‘The Fast Diet: Lose weight, stay healthy, live longer - 5:2 has 65% positive reviews, but 2% worst reviews.

The book: The Fast 800, has 71% positive reviews, and 2% bad reviews

Cost Details

You can listen to the podcasts 'The One Thing' for free on Spotify.
However, if you want to download them for offline listening, you’ll need a Spotify Premium account.

The book 'The One Thing' will set you back approximately £8.00.

As for the books, 'The Fast Diet 5:2' is available on Amazon at approximately £5.97 for the paperback version and £9.88 for the hardback. 'The Fast 800' is priced at about £5.98 for the paperback edition.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.


Kevin English Credentials

  • Founder of the Silver Edge (online fitness and nutrition business)
  • Certified personal trainer and nutritionist
  • BA Psychology and Philosophy

Reverse Dieting - Core Principles and Methodology

Reverse dieting is a sustainable weight loss strategy that focuses on resetting your body's natural weight setting point.

When people diet, they often reach a point where weight loss stalls and regain weight after the diet ends because the body fights to return to its original weight set point.

To start reverse dieting, you prioritize building strength before entering the diet phase. This involves consistent gym sessions focusing on weight training to boost metabolism and increase muscle mass.

Table filled with various types of protein, such as lean chicken, pulses, eggs
Woman in a gym, lifting heavy dumbbells

Unlike traditional diets, reverse dieting involves increasing calorie intake rather than restricting it. By consuming healthy foods, especially protein, over several months, the extra calories are used to build muscle and reset your body's weight set point, minimizing fat storage.

Continuing strength exercises helps maintain your new weight, which now consists of more muscle and less fat, despite the larger calorie intake.

Quality sleep and stress reduction are essential during this process to support weight loss and overall health.

Transitioning into the diet phase allows you to eat more than before starting the program while still losing weight. Your body utilizes these calories to support muscle mass growth, facilitated by ongoing strength training.

This approach prevents the body from entering a starvation mode and encourages sustainable weight loss.

Consistently following this strategy leads to weight loss, improved muscle tone, and reaching a new weight set point. This process enhances fitness and health even with increased calorie consumption. His podcast entails pre-diet hacks, diet phase, and post-diet phase.

Pros and Cons

  •  Following the program can lead to weight loss, improved fitness, and better health, all while consuming the same or even more calories than before.
  • His website, 'The Silver Edge - Over 50 Health,' features a free resources page filled with valuable information
  • Regular gym visits come with associated costs. The program requires several months of dedication and patience to see final results.
  • The costs of personal coaching with him are not transparent.
My View

He exudes great charisma and a healthy outlook on life—definitely worth listening to on Spotify!

Success Stories and Evidence 

Kevin English has gained nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram and over 5,000 followers on Facebook. He has also posted multiple videos on YouTube focusing on health after 50, fitness, and shaping up.


While his website offers a wealth of free resources, the pricing for his coaching services lacks transparency, and specific details about the costs are not readily available.



  • Bachelor of Science: Public Health
  • Fitness and wellness expert
  • Behaviour Change Specialist
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialization
  • Certified Personal Trainer, 
  • Founder of Svelte Media Inc.
  • Founder of Svelte Training
  • Bachelor of Science: Biology, General and Bio Engineering

The Metaboost Connection - Core Principles and Methodology

Meredith Shirk offers a holistic program that includes fitness training, workshops, and meal plans designed to address the needs of individuals over 40. 

Her comprehensive approach features straightforward exercises and carefully curated meal plans, incorporating a combination of superfoods known for their fat-burning benefits. 

Beyond fitness goals, her program emphasizes education on essential factors like sleep and stress management tailored to age and lifestyle. 

By integrating meals with exercise and activity, this program provides training videos, recipes, and coaching to support your wellness journey.

Pros and Cons

  • If you stick to the plan, you're likely to lose weight. This program doesn't just focus on diet but also on exercise and mindset. Plus, you'll receive coaching calls if you continue with the program.  
  • Many people in his program are very pleased with their results.
  • Reading various reviews on Google and Reddit, many people mention receiving a lot of emails pressuring them to continue the program with added costs.
  • Negative reviews also highlight dissatisfaction with the short period covered by the $29 fee and difficulties in getting refunds for unauthorized payments.
  • To continue further, you need to buy a monthly membership, with several comments expressing frustration over unauthorized monthly payments being taken.
My View

The advertisement is intriguing, albeit overly lengthy, enticing you to uncover the secret ingredients for weight loss. We all love discovering secrets, don't we?

However, when it comes to the initial $29 cost that later switches to a monthly fee, Meredith would likely have more satisfied customers if this were transparent from the start.

Success Stories and Evidence

Meredith Shirk has nearly 25,000 followers on one of her Instagram accounts and over 400,000 followers on another (which includes testimonials). 

Her Facebook page boasts more than 450,000 followers. While many individuals report successful weight loss experiences in their feedback on Trustpilot, there are also several who express that the program is not worth it.

Positive reviews are prominently featured on her website.


Initially $29, but additional charges may apply after a short period, requiring a monthly membership to continue the program.

On her YouTube channel, you'll find numerous free exercise videos and a variety of healthy eating options.


The following weight loss strategies have gained significant popularity online, prompting me to address them here. However, after conducting research, it's important to exercise caution before diving into these programs.

First, let's talk about Vince Sant, who has a strong online presence. Upon closer examination, many reviews suggest that his training advice is quite basic and can be found for free elsewhere.

Another strategy to consider is Alex Neilan's program. Initially, I thought it would offer great value, but further investigation revealed that the costs to join are not transparent and could amount to several thousands of pounds, even for the initial course.

While there are many positive reviews, this program may be more suitable for those with ample resources to invest in their weight loss journey.

Before committing to any program, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons and ensure transparency regarding costs and value. Make informed decisions that align with your goals and budget.


Vince Sant Credentials

  • Fitness coach and personal trainer
  • Fitness model
  • ISSA certified trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
  • Co-founder of the online fitness brand V Shred
  • Fitness author

V Shred - Core Principles and Methodology

V Shred is an online fitness program that offers visual online training and nutritional guidance. The program claims to teach women how to use nutrition and simple exercises to effectively burn fat and achieve lean and fit bodies. It begins by placing you in the appropriate group to provide tailored advice

One key method used in V Shred is "carb cycling," which involves strategically varying your carbohydrate intake across low/no carb days, moderate days, and even high-carb days throughout the week.

This approach keeps your body burning fat by signaling to your brain that food is available. The other method is counting macronutrients, (carbs, protein and fats).

Vince provides an easy-to-follow format that outlines exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. The program also includes resistance training and cardio workouts, offering flexibility for ‘busy days when life gets in the way’.

Pros and cons

  • Motivational and clear-cut workouts paired with a structured meal program that's simple to follow.
  • Carb cycling and tracking macronutrients can be time-consuming. The diet is highly restrictive and does not take a holistic approach to weight loss, which raises doubts about its sustainability.
  • The program heavily promotes subscribing to their supplements, but there is scepticism about the evidence supporting its effectiveness. (Refer to the links below for more information.)
My View

Initially, it seemed like a great program, but after looking into it, I found that some of the claimed benefits lack solid evidence. Still, I added it to the weight loss comparison site because it offers many results and simple workout instructions that can help a lot of people.

Success Stories and Evidence

Vince Sant has nearly 175,000 followers on Facebook and 770,000 followers on his Instagram page. On his website, V Shred, there are numerous examples of women and men sharing their transformations, along with plenty of positive reviews.

The program advertises a science-based shortcut promising dramatic results within 90 days. Vince claims this approach is evidence-based, but upon investigation, several dietitians, including Abbey Langer, have criticized V Shred's claims as unfounded. Trustpilot gives it 2.5 stars out of 5.

For comprehensive critical reviews of V Shred, please check out the following by Abbey Langer, a registered dietitian, who has provided two insightful analyses: Critical Review 1 and Critical Review 2


The program ranges from approximately $50 to $99 initially, but additional expenses may be incurred through optional extras like meal plans and supplements.


Alex Neilan: Credentials 

  • Sports dietitian and personal trainer
  • Nutritionist
  • Behaviour Change Coach & Personal Trainer
  • Master of Science - Public Health and Nutrition
  • Postgraduate in Dietetics, Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services
  • BSc, Sports and Exercise Science
  • CYQ3, Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Gym Instructor

The Sport Dietitian - Core Principles and Methodology

The Sport Dietitian program is all about helping people perform better through their diet. Alex creates personalized nutrition plans for each person based on what they need to improve and their goals.

In the Sport Dietitian program, Alex, a Dietitian and Behaviour Change Coach, provides clear guidance on nutrition, behaviour change, and sustainable weight loss.

He collaborates with a team of experts, including dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists, behaviour change coaches, personal trainers, and nutritionists.

Graphic: showing head with smiley faces to unhappy faces.

Their goal is to teach you how to change your behaviours permanently so that weight loss becomes sustainable, not just temporary. They use scientific research to ensure their advice is effective and safe.

Since everyone is different, their approach is personalized and realistic, without any feelings of deprivation. They provide education, structure, and one-on-one professional support to make weight loss truly sustainable in the long term.

Pros and Cons

  • The program has received countless positive reviews from individuals who are satisfied with their outcomes and have successfully maintained their weight loss.
  • Upon checking Google reviews, it appears that not everyone receives the promised personalized nutrition plan, and some individuals have mentioned challenges in contacting the team for nutrition advice.
  • The program's cost is not transparent, which could be worrying for those considering joining. The costs seem to be in the region of £2200 for 12 weeks. 
My View

I submitted this to the comparison site due to the numerous positive reviews. However, I personally felt overwhelmed by the advertising on Facebook, which was off-putting. I ended up turning off the ads promoting his strategy.

Success Stories 

Alex Neilan has 25.000 followers on Facebook and over 11.000 followers on Instagram. The majority of people have shared positive feedback, primarily available on the website   

Cost of Joining

The program's pricing is not transparent, but it appears to be around £2200 for the initial 12 weeks. If you decide to continue, you can transition to the Elite program, but the cost for this is not disclosed anywhere. 


Weight Program Exclusions: A Closer Look at NOOM

Discover why NOOM, a health and weight app, isn't included in this comparison of weight loss programs. Learn more about its effectiveness and why it may not be the most convincing option for achieving your weight loss goals.

Weight Program Exclusions: A Closer Look at Weight Watchers (WW)

Weight Watchers relies on a point system that may not always ensure a balanced diet, potentially allowing foods high in sugar and low in nutrients as long as they fit within a specified point limit. 

However, over the years, WW has expanded its offerings to include more options that align with whole, unprocessed foods for those seeking healthier choices within the program. Despite these improvements, this approach may not suit everyone's dietary preferences or nutritional needs.

Additionally, some individuals may find the program's weekly meetings or workshops inconvenient or unnecessary for their weight loss journey. 

Furthermore, programs that focus on frequent weigh-ins and strict food tracking could potentially be harmful for those with eating disorders.

Photo of feet on weighing scales
Another concern is that Weight Watchers offers pre-packaged meals and snacks, which can include processed foods that may not always promote healthy eating. The standard program may not be flexible enough to meet everyone's specific needs or preferences. 

Despite these concerns, Weight Watchers remains popular, with over 2.8 million followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. While weekly weigh-ins may help some people stay motivated, they can also deter others who prefer different approaches to tracking progress.
3 sporty older ladies looking happy


Wow, diving into the topic of 'Top weight loss strategies' was challenging, and I'm sure I'll hear from people who disagree with me. Staying objective was difficult given the strong media influence on weight loss programs. 

The more I dug into each one, the more I realized that successful weight loss means looking at the whole person. You can't effectively shed pounds if you're unhappy, not sleeping well, constantly craving food (for a reason!), or stressed at work.

There are so many factors that can hold you back. I've done my best to identify holistic weight loss strategies that offer a better chance of long-term success.

Ultimately, I want to empower readers with knowledge. This isn't the final word, though - I'd love to hear about your experiences with weight loss programs that you think are the best. 

Each strategy has its pros and cons, and I'll analyse them to help you determine which one best suits your sustainable weight loss goals.
Graphic: 2 ladies on stools talking to each other
Here's to a successful and sensible weight loss journey.  I'm interested in learning about your weight loss journey and whether you have been able to maintain your new weight successfully after several years. 

Drop me a comment - I'm eager to explore your program suggestions, though it may take me some time to review and respond.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Ladies, we can DO IT!

Birgit is a compassionate guide specializing in supporting senior women through life's transitions. Alongside her dedication to this cause, she finds joy in teaching piano, nurturing her garden, cherishing family moments, and enjoying walks. These activities fuel her creativity and bring depth and richness to her life.

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