Welcome to the article titled 'SIZZLING SECRETS: LINGERIE TIPS FOR FEELING SEXY AT 50-PLUS,' where the title speaks for itself.

Not every woman is fortunate enough to feel sexy, flaunt a perfect figure, and exude confidence effortlessly.

Life isn't always fair. Many women, especially as they get older, find themselves caught up in daily tasks, raising children, and unintentionally putting their own needs on hold.


This habit of neglecting oneself, or putting oneself on a backburner, can lead to a lack of attention and care for your well-being.

As time passes and children move out, there comes a moment when you crave a boost, a desire to feel good and show the world that you're still vibrant.

It's about revealing your 'inner glow,' demonstrating that you're more than someone who has passed the prime of their life. Achieving that glow, knowing you look good and feeling somewhat sexy, becomes the goal.

Cicely Tyson's quote, "Age is just a number. Life and ageing are the greatest gifts that we could possibly ever have", underlines the belief that age shouldn't restrict one's potential or joy in life. Ageing is a valuable gift, and each stage of life offers unique experiences and opportunities.

Middle aged women without clothes

Let's seize those opportunities, live life to the fullest, and nurture our 'inner glow.' 

Lingerie can play a role in boosting self-confidence. Explore the beauty of ageing gracefully and discover tips on the best lingerie for women aged 50 and beyond — from comfortable and sexy to classy and elegant, ensuring it's stylish and age-appropriate.

However, the term 'age-appropriate' may vary among individuals, and this article leans towards looking sexy, classy, and elegant.

While this piece won't discourage you from seeking different types of lingerie, it aims to guide those interested in a more sophisticated and elegant style.


Can your clothes truly define you? Probably not entirely, as even in worn-out clothes, you can still radiate beauty. However, the secret lies in paying attention to what's underneath – it can make a significant difference, especially for women over 50.

Feeling Fantastic with Pretty Underthings


Choosing fancier "intimates" can change how you feel on the outside! "Intimates" means things like bras, panties, lingerie, and camisoles.

Nice underwear can make you feel happy and lift your spirits, even if it's your little secret.

Don't forget how matching undies can make you feel confident, especially if you're over 50.

Picking elegant underthings might even affect what you choose to wear outside. 

It can turn simple into stylish and make your clothes even more enjoyable – all because you know what's underneath. It just makes you feel GOOD!

Starting Fresh for Women Over 50

Starting with a few key pieces of undergarments is a great beginning, and for women over 50, this is a fantastic way to embrace elegance and comfort.

Experiment with different types of lingerie gradually, discovering which ones offer the most comfort and make you feel fantastic. Show your best features by complementing your proportions.

Your choice of undergarments sets the tone for your outfit, influencing your daily comfort and mood, particularly important for women navigating their 50s and beyond. Feeling good in lingerie goes beyond the surface; it has a psychological impact, boosting confidence and self-assurance.

Whole Well-Being: The 'Inner Glow' Journey

Taking care of your 'inner glow' with pretty undies and self-care is super important, especially if you're a woman over 50.

But it's not just about what you wear; it's also about how you take care of your body and stay active. Your 'inner glow' gets stronger when you have a healthy lifestyle, with eating a balanced diet and regular exercise.

If you want tips on eating well and being active, check out our advice on ‘Unlocking the Truth: Weight Loss for Women over 50 – Myths and Facts'. Remember, real beauty and confidence come from taking good care of yourself, finding a balance in your life, and loving your unique style.

Starting with Yourself: Simple Self-Care

Looking after yourself and enjoying what you wear is all about simple self-care, self-love, and staying healthy.

When we make time for self-care, our 'inner glow' shines bright, changing how we go through the day and connect with others.

It all starts with simple steps – it all starts with YOU!

Voluptuous woman looking fabulous


Begin your lingerie journey by understanding your body shape; it's the key to unlocking confidence.

Knowing your body shape is your guide to finding clothes that suit you. Especially when it comes to lingerie, understanding your body shape helps you tailor your search, whether you're out shopping or browsing online.

I'll guide you through lingerie styles tailored for mature women, offering tips on selecting pieces that flatter and celebrate your individuality.

Let's not just wear lingerie; let's celebrate and empower ourselves with each choice.

Understanding your body shape

Understanding Your Unique Body Shape
 'How to Style Best at 50-Plus'

Lingerie choices for women over 50 are diverse, offering a range of options that consider various preferences and comfort levels. While in the past, 'Ann Summers' dominated the scene, the current landscape offers a wealth of choices.


Choosing the Right Shapewear: Sculpting Your Silhouette with Comfort in Mind. 

Shaping Underwear: Discover body-sculpting lingerie designed with your comfort in mind. Whether it's the flexibility of a full bodysuit or the contouring of your silhouette, we'll redefine shapewear as a tool for comfort and confidence, not a constraint.

Opt for high-waisted briefs: They smooth and shape the midsection, providing both comfort and support. These briefs help flatten your stomach, giving your outfit a smoother appearance with fewer bumps.

Keep an eye out, though, as some high-waisted shapewear may roll down. Before making a choice, check reviews for your preferred item.

Consider opting for high-waisted shapewear with a grip strip or something with straps for added security. 

Shaping camisoles: Shaping camisoles are designed to provide a sleek and streamlined silhouette under clothing. 

These undergarments are crafted with shaping technology to help contour and shape the torso, creating a smoother appearance. They often come with features such as compression panels or built-in support to target specific areas, offering a flattering fit.
Lace garments - women over 50

Shaping camisole, as available at 'bellabodies' an be worn as a discreet layer under various outfits, making them a versatile choice for those looking to enhance their body's natural contours.

Marks and Spencer offers an extensive collection, excelling in providing tummy-hugging underwear and shapewear. 

The range includes ribbed lace, freecut lace (seamless, edge-free construction), silk and lace, and cotton lycra and lace. 
Keep in mind that when trying on panties in many stores, it's advisable to keep your panties on as a precaution against transferring any bodily fluids onto the new ones.

Comfortable Yet Stylish Bras: Embracing Supportive Elegance. Wearing a bra that doesn't fit properly can turn into a serious fashion faux pas. Picture strolling down the street only to notice someone's bra bulging out in all the wrong places, attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. 

Achieving an elegant look is all about contouring your body in the right places, and steering clear of unwanted bulges. A properly fitting bra provides the support you need. 

If you're aiming for a more discreet appearance, go for a non-underwired t-shirt bra that stays hidden under tighter tops. But, if you're feeling vibrant and want to flaunt a sexy strap, go for it – just make sure the fit is perfect! 

Comfortable Lingerie
Explore ranges of comfortable bras, ensuring you get the support you deserve. Bras should deliver both comfort and style, and there is plenty of choice in getting a fantastic look at the same time. 

Consider opting for a professional bra fitting. Many stores, like M&S, offer this service, but always check with your local store for availability. If you're shopping with friends or a partner, let them know it might take some time to find the perfect fit.

Remember, comfort comes first – don't rush the process, make sure it fits just right.
our Pick
Wireless Bra

Wireless Bra

Non-wired bras provide the support you need without the hassle of underwire, letting you move freely and feel comfy all day.

Bras with moulded cup

Wireless Bra with moulded Cups

Wireless bras with moulded cups give you a comfy fit and a nice shape, all while providing the support you need to feel confident throughout the day.



Comfortable and relaxed bras, providing a soft and unstructured feel that prioritizes comfort.

Cosabella is one of the many stores where you can explore an exquisite selection of bras and lingerie through online shopping.

Full Bodysuits

Seamless full-body shapewear is designed to smooth out your entire silhouette, offering both support and shaping.

The seamless style of a bodysuit provides a sleek appearance under dresses and clothes while incorporating the supportive features of a bra in an all-in-one design, enhancing and flattering your figure.

Think of a bodysuit as a one-piece outfit made from stretchy fabric, some with convenient fastenings at the bottom for easy restroom use.

These versatile pieces come with options like long or short sleeves, different necklines, and even sequins or buttons.

What's fantastic is how they beautifully sculpt your body, suitable for wearing alone or under other clothes.

Self care and Wellbeing

Some bodysuits include built-in support or padding. If you choose a style without bra support and still need more support, wear a separate bra. As for underpants, it's a personal choice; some prefer to wear them alone, while others opt for added hygiene.

Leonisa (UK) is the perfect example where you can purchase a shaping bodysuit.

For women over 50, finding lingerie that gives solid support, comfort, and a confidence-boosting appearance is key – and achieving the right fit is essential. Another essential consideration is using breathable fabrics in bras for added comfort. 

Cotton is great for absorbing moisture, while microfiber not only absorbs but also wicks away moisture, and it's super lightweight.

Although Lycra/Spandex isn't breathable on its own, these materials are often blended with other fabrics to provide stretch and breathability.


"Timeless Allure: Sexy and Comfortable Lingerie Picks for Women Over 50" is all about picking lingerie that makes you feel good and look fabulous, without sacrificing comfort. It's like finding that perfect balance between feeling confident and cosy.

The selection of classy lingerie styles, luxurious silks, vibrant colours and patterns, as well as finely tuned colours, ensures there is something for you. 

Whether it's the allure of black lingerie, the captivating charm of red, the sensuality of sheer fabrics, or the enticing appeal of sexy nighties and silk sleep gowns, the decision is yours to make.

Collections are designed for women looking to embrace their allure by selecting pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. Feel free to delve into the selected choices, embrace daring selections, and rediscover the harmonious blend of style and comfort in your intimate moments, ensuring a fabulous feel at any age.

In the later part of this article, you'll discover a list of (online) shops to explore, so scrutinize and gather some appealing ideas.

Woman in luxurious silk
Chemises and Nightgowns

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of sleepwear that provides a luxurious blend of comfort and elegance, delivering both style and a sumptuous sense of comfort.  

Lounge and Sleep Sets

Relax in the cosy embrace of loungewear sets that effortlessly blend comfort and style for your leisurely moments at home.

Luxurious fabrics and chic designs provide a sensation of both pampering and fashion. Whether it's a quiet evening or a laid-back weekend, treat yourself to the indulgent comfort of lounge and sleep sets.

Lingerie Sets: patterned and vibrant options

Elevate your confidence with meticulously coordinated bras and panties. These matching sets, crafted from luxurious fabrics, not only provide comfort but also exude an air of sophistication. 

When your lingerie is as poised as you are, it adds a touch of sophistication to your day, making you feel confidently elegant.

For a playful twist, consider adding colourful bras and panties to your lingerie collection. This not only brings vibrancy to your undergarment assortment but also offers a fun and expressive way to showcase your unique style.

Vibrant matching set of lingerie
Adaptive Lingerie:

Adaptive lingerie is tailored for ultimate comfort and meticulously designed to meet specific needs. Whether it's the convenience of front-closure bras or the versatility of adjustable features, these thoughtfully crafted pieces prioritize both comfort and functionality.

Furthermore, adaptive lingerie comes in many styles and designs, making sure you can stay stylish while meeting your particular needs.

Primark has launched a limited selection of adaptive pieces – the underwear capsule, designed with a focus on accessibility.

Celebrating Your Unique Curves with Lingerie

Explore how lingerie becomes a canvas for celebrating your unique body shape, catering to both slimmer and full-figured individuals. Plus-size lingerie is now easily accessible, making it available in most places. 

Delve into lingerie styles specifically designed for mature women, offering comfort and elegance.

Discover the art of enhancing your curves with thoughtfully chosen pieces that not only fit but also celebrate the beauty of every curve. 

This journey is about more than just lingerie; it's about embracing and enhancing your distinct shape with confidence-boosting undergarments. 
Plus size women looking gorgeous
When picking out lingerie, think about what you like, how your body is shaped, and where you're going to wear it. Making sure it feels comfy and picking styles that make you feel good and fancy is important. 

Where to Buy Lingerie Online: Explore Top Brands for Women Over 50


Boosting your confidence shouldn't come at a high cost. Empower yourself by exploring budget-friendly and stylish lingerie options that won't break the bank. Affordable lingerie allows you to be stylish on a budget while still feeling great.

Alright, you've decided and are ready to either shop online or hit the high street for your lingerie needs. However, luxury lingerie often comes with a hefty price tag. While you want to feel great and indulge in a luxurious experience, finding an affordable option is essential. 

It might be worth saving up for that extra-special item rather than settling for cheaper alternatives. If budget is a concern, what are your best options? There are several alternatives available, but it's crucial to take your time to ensure the items fit and meet your expectations.


Lingerie Care Tips to Make Your Intimates Last Longer and Look Stunning

Cherish your fabulous new look by taking the utmost care of your recently acquired lingerie. Proper care not only maintains its quality but also extends its lifespan. Here are some general tips to ensure your lingerie stays in pristine condition:

Hand Wash

The most delicate way to clean lingerie is by hand washing. Employ a mild detergent or specialized lingerie wash and use lukewarm water. Gently swirl the water and let the lingerie soak for a brief period.

Separate Colours

Keep your lingerie colours vibrant by washing items of different colours separately. Whites, lights, and darks should be washed in separate loads.

Fasten Hooks

Secure the hooks of your bras before washing to prevent snagging on delicate fabrics. For an extra layer of protection, place bras in mesh lingerie bags during the wash.

Hand Dry

Lay lingerie flat on a towel to air dry. To maintain their shape, refrain from hanging bras by the straps during drying. Ensure bras and other lingerie items are reshaped to their original form while drying.

Check Labels

Always check the care labels on your lingerie for specific instructions from the manufacturer.

Rotate Use

If you own multiple bras, switch between them regularly to avoid overusing a specific piece. This simple practice can contribute to extending the lifespan of your lingerie collection.

Gentle Detergent

Use a detergent specifically designed for delicates or lingerie. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage elastic fibres and delicate fabrics.

Steer Clear of Heat

It's advisable to avoid high heat when drying lingerie, as it can potentially damage elastic fibres. If you decide to use a dryer, opt for the lowest heat setting, but allowing it to air-dry naturally is the preferred method.

Handle with Care

Safely store lingerie in a cool, dry location. Hang bras and panties on hangers or neatly place them in a drawer to preserve their shape. To prevent moulded cup bras from losing their shape, it's best to avoid folding them.

Be cautious with perfumes and lotions

Apply them before putting on lingerie to prevent potential stains and fabric damage.


Ageing doesn't mean losing excitement. As women, we can continue to look fabulous and feel fantastic, and lingerie plays a crucial role in boosting our confidence. 

Pick different styles – ones that make you look good, and feel comfy and sexy. Lingerie is not just for the younger crowd; it's for women of all ages. It's about feeling great, regardless of your age!
Senior woman - vitality and sexy - looking fabulous

Enhance your wardrobe with lingerie pieces. After purchasing, assess how it makes you feel, and on your next shopping trip, consider trying something a bit different. Embrace your beauty and confidence, and lingerie can be a significant part of that.

Feel fantastic, prioritize self-care, and dare to be different!

self-love and wellbeing

Birgit is a compassionate guide specializing in supporting senior women through life's transitions. Alongside her dedication to this cause, she finds joy in teaching piano, nurturing her garden, cherishing family moments, and enjoying walks. These activities fuel her creativity and bring depth and richness to her life.

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